Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Re: The Tribal Myth-Keepers: Salza and Siscoe on Sedevacantism

Fr. Cekada's Article

I've always been intrigued by the sedevacantist mythology. There's something appealing about the conspiracy theory tone of it. Then again, this can be said to a greater or lesser extent of the entire right-of-conservative-Catholic circles which I am well familiar with.

I've enjoyed many of Fr. Anthony Cekada's (right) presentations as well as what I've read of Work of Human Hands, his critique of the variable parts of the Paul VI liturgy. With the advent, or near advent, of the new book by authors John Salza and Robert Siscoe, True or False Pope, the sedevacantist establishment is in a buzz.

Maybe they are scared of what this book has to offer. Maybe they are excited that their obscure communities will get some attention again and maybe get fresh converts. Maybe they are honestly excited to see if Siscoe and Salza have something new to offer for their evaluation and critique. Considering the book has yet to be released (first shipments are next week), it is amazing that this book has sparked so much commentary already. At this point, all the sedes could respond to are the sample points in the various interviews that have been published thus far from CFN, AKACatholic, and

In reading Fr. Cekada's latest material, it comes off as Father trying to manipulate the conversation with fear tactics and "what do the traditionalists have to fear from sedevacantism" tricks. Why not let the faithful assess the merits of the material, rather than make assumptions as to the contents of the book, and not making preemptive defenses and/or attacks to a book, as yet, unread and inaccessible to anyone other than the endorsers, and of course, yours truly? The perks of being the web and media guy.

I look forward to the debate.

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